We offer various telecommunications solutions covering all possibilities for our customers. From the possibility of establishing a connection from any point to the strict control of expenses and adaptability to consumption. Therefore, although our alternatives may seem small, they perfectly cover any need, even very specific ones.

We are authorised distributors of two companies in the communications sector:

The telecommunications company Eurona is a Spanish multinational that offers broadband Internet services where other companies do not reach. It provides both satellite and 4G network or fibre-to-the-home services. Not surprisingly, it is one of the Top 10 telecommunications operators in Spain and is the leader in satellite capacity in Europe.

With more than 40,000 customers and a presence in more than twenty countries, the company is able to connect any place with little or no coverage to the network: from small towns to completely rural areas.

Spanish company based on the central idea of collaborative telephony. Created on the basis of constructive listening and discussion, its own large community of users has shaped the services offered by the company itself. Keeping it simple, they offer great control over their costs and services, always offering the most competitive prices.

In their own words: “at Suop we don’t want customers, we want collaborators to create the best mobile phone operator”.

Digi is a telecommunications operator with 13 years of presence in Spain. Through the 4G network, its customers enjoy maximum mobile coverage and a faster Internet service, in addition to the advantages of an operator that has always preferred to go it alone.

Its brand is growing every day thanks to a distribution network with which they share a common goal: to be closer to customers, giving them maximum support and advice on everything they need.