Computer Expertise

Computer expertise?

Computer expertise has become a very necessary discipline in today’s society, due to the advanced technological level we have reached, which translates into an increasing frequency in the presentation of digital or computer evidence in legal proceedings, especially in those related to computer crimes.

When do I need a computer expert?

Finding a computer expert is absolutely essential if any computer evidence is provided with the intention of being used as valid evidence in legal proceedings (from WhatsApp or Telegram conversations, Twitter or Facebook screenshots, SMS, e-mails, etc.).

The computer expert will carry out a computer expert’s report that can be properly used as evidence in a trial, always complying with the chain of custody of the digital evidence.

Complying with national and international technical standards, the computer expert shall perform the following set of procedures:



Individualisation of all computer or digital evidence at the scene.


Collection of all evidence information using advanced non-intrusive means, leaving the original evidence pristine.


Maintenance of the chain of custody of the evidence, calculating the hash function for each of the files that make up the evidence, or for the set of files that make up the evidence.


Forensic study of each of the acquisitions of evidence.


Drafting of the report containing the complete computer forensic analysis and the conclusions drawn.

If the professional you hire as a computer expert is not qualified, the computer expert is likely to be challenged or disqualified, depending on whether the computer expert is in court or on behalf of a party. The surest way to know that a computer expert is qualified is for the professional to be a member of a professional association.

You can ask the professional association to which the computer expert is affiliated whether the professional is actually registered, and the professional association is obliged to confirm or deny it, as it is obliged by law to do so.

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